Why Utah Has The Greatest Snow On Earth

Why Utah has the greatest snow on earthOne of the reasons I LOVE living in Utah is because we really do have the greatest snow on earth! And now there is an infographic to prove it!

The fine folks at Ski Utah have put together an infographic to break down all of the reasons why our snow really is great! Here’s just some of the highlights:

We get over 500 inches of snow on average each year! To put that in perspective, that’s over 40 feet of snow!

We average about forty storms a year and almost half of them dump more than a foot of snow!

Our snow has the perfect density of 8.5%, not too light, not too heavy. This happens because of what us locals call “lake effect”, which is after all why it’s called the Great Salt Lake!

It’s also easy to have the Greatest Snow when it’s easy to get to the snow. There are 11 ski resorts within an hour drive of Salt Lake International Airport. But wait, it’s even better… 7 of those are in Ski Magazine’s Top 10 List!

AND we have over 28,000 skiable acres… that’s half the size of Delaware!

AND if you lined up all our runs back to back, it would get you from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas!

We are truly blessed to call Utah home! If you want to find out how you can call Utah home too… Give me a call!